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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this morning we're closely watching the roads for flooding as ivan told you a second ago. state officials are warning people along the gulf coast to prepare for plenty of rain. >> heroic actions by a teen. rescued a 71-year-old man who drove into a pond. we'll hear from the teen straight ahead. >> and hillary clinton is coming to the bay area today as part of her central florida tour. we'll run down her schedule. thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. we're hearing from who rescued a 71-year-old man after he drove into a pond in palm harbor. >> the teen part of a family of five who was driving on highlands boulevard in palm harbor heading to sunday dinner at a relative's house. they heard a loud splash. me got closer to a nearby -- they got closer to a nearby pond and saw a car sinking. the passer by told his mom to stop the car and get out.
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>> i had adrenaline going, i had to save this man. he was very emotional and crying and very thankful. i mean -- i am of course grateful that i could do that for him but i mean i don't want any, like -- he doesn't need to thank me. it's just a good thing. glad i could do it for him. >> another person passing by was a hospice nurse and stopped at the scene. she stayed by the victim's side until paramedics arrived. highway patrol says daniel vinovich of holiday control when he had severe muscle spasms in his back and neck. he was not seriously hurt. fire forces people out of their homes at temple terrace, across from king high school. crews say a stove left on in one unit is to blame. and it spread to other apartments. first responders treated two people. they are both expected to be ok. the red cross is helping the
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now. we're learning disney world has built a bolder wall around the lake where the little boy lane graves died last summer. disney also put up warning signs and roped fences to keep guests away from the water. a autopsy showed that child died from drowning. the family decided not to file a lawsuit. hillary clinton is coming to st. her tour of central florida. her campaign says she'll outline her plan to make a investment in good-paying jobs since world war ii. at 3:30 this afternoon she'll hold a rally at the coliseum in st. pete and at 6:30 a rally at osceola heritage park in kissimmee. tomorrow she's scheduled to visit a health clinic in miami and is going to raise awareness of the public health threat of the zika virus. donald trump is scheduled
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trump is set to speak at the detroit economic club, starts 11:30 this morning. the public is not invited. governor scott is heading to sarasota and he'll highlight job growth at a company that calls itself one of the largest tape and film machiners in north america. got -- manufacturers in north america. the governor will be there at 10:00. the department of emergency management is warning people along the gulf coast for flooding now. the city of tampa and citrus county already opened locations where residents can make sandbags to protect their homes. they are also opened in homosassa and crystal river. those open at 8:00 this morning. sandbags are provided but you're encouraged to bring your own shovel. locations posted on here's ivan with the
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>> we're going to continue to see the heavy rain. we have flood watches in effect. not a one or two-day event that sometimes we get. the area of low pressure still there, so you can see the moisture continuing to get trained up to the north which has been where it's fallen heaviest throughout the last couple of days. we have not seen anything near as much across portions of tampa and down towards pinellas but there you see pockets of heavier rainfall beginning to move in. so tarpon springs, palm harbor, light to moderate rainfall there through safety harbor, that is going to cross over the bay and head to hillsborough. but there you see the area of low pressure spinning in place. this is the worst thing you can have when you talk about flooding, a weather system that doesn't move. that is the case through today and into tuesday. so we have the flood watches that are going to be in effect through the afternoon hours of tuesday and then we'll talk about some drier times ahead. in fact we'll talk about that
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up. 4:35. live look at i-275 near 38th avenue. no issues to report there over in pinellas, we'll check the roads again in 15 minutes. there's a meeting for people who will be impacted by upcoming road construction along mlk boulevard east of i- 75. that meeting set for 6:00 p.m. at the seffner mango public library. that meeting will focus on the $5 million project to improve traffic flow and safety. those who attend comment on the plans with public works representatives. construction is set to begin next month. should wrap up in about 10 months. if you drive on the howard frankland bridge you may have noticed a disturbing trend. dead cats on the side of the road. we're told there were six of them since june. as abc action news reporter jake peterson tells us there was another incident involving a cat over the weekend. >> reporter: they say cats have nine lives but this little one is only left with eight after what happened sunday morning. >> i don't know how the cat
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she's driving over the howard frankland bridge when all of a sudden. >> out of the corner of my eye i see something fall out of this person's vehicle. not sure what i thought i saw. but it appeared to be -- a cat. >> reporter: she stops and runs over to it. >> i went to go pick up the cat, and it got scared and ran. >> reporter: right into her wheel well. >> you could see just little eyes looking at you. i thought oh my gosh how am i going to get it? >> reporter: fhp and fief . block wheel and save the kitten who seems to be in good health. >> a mark from when she probably hit the pavement. >> reporter: the family is keeping the cat. haven't decided on a name but one possible name stands out. >> i thought of calling it miracle because -- it's a miracle it's alive, after just watching so many cars go by. i can't imagine how it survived. >> reporter: now claudeette is just hoping other cats don't end up in the same spot as miracle, especially if this was
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recurring incident that is happening on howard frankland it's super important to of cathe peon who is doing it. catch. >> claudeette said everything happened so quickly she didn't get a good look at the traumatic in front of her. -- truck in front of her. if you see a cat on the howard frankland bridge call florida highway patrol. a fire happened along u.s. 19 near pair dice point road -- paradise point it was closed and so far no word on the start of it. investigators caught a man with help from his mother. 50-year-old robert watson accused of robbing a sun trust bank in plantation last month. the witness saw his getaway car. his mom was questioned and she identified him in the surveillance pictures at the bank. authorities say he took about $3,000 from that bank. new federal data shows gun manufacturing is surging in florida. and that is putting a strain on
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and firearms. florida has more gunmakers than any other state except for texas. a 50% increase has been seen in licenses for gunmakers since 2009. it's raising concern because federal officials say the atf is struggling to keep up with demand of monitoring gun sales and distribution. you can get a gift card to winn dixie just by giving blood. more than 30 locations are participating. it's from 2:00 dixie says it's in an effort to help save lives. a deadly new crime involving pokemon go. this one involves a fatal shooting. what witnesses are saying about the gunman, after the break. >> a wildfire burning in southern california is getting bigger and triggering evacuations. an update on the fight to contain the blaze and the investigation into what started it. coming up. >> rays fall to the twins and
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alex rodriguez, his final game will be against the rays. z22s3z zy6z
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z22t7z zy6z y22t7y yy6y welcome back. 4:42. detectives in california are looking for the person that fatally shot a 20-year-old man who was playing pokemon go. calvin riley was playing that game with a group at a water park saturday night. witnesses say someone came up
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ran off. there was no confrontation or words exchanged before the shooting. he received first aid but later died so. far no arrests in this case. a water park in kansas where the 10-year-old son of a kansas state lawmaker died over the weekend is going to be closed today as the investigation into what went wrong gets underway. specific details haven't yet been released but caleb schwab died on a water slide built as the world's tallest fastest. riders can reach speeds of more than 60 miles per hour. he's the son of state representative scott schwab. a 7-year-old in utah is being hailed a hero for saving a 2-year-old who was in a swimming pool. caesar golena saw the 2-year- old fall in, but was too big to squeeze through the fence so he went through the lobby and the
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>> what did you do next? >> i ran to the office. >> reporter: first responders eventually treated that toddler who is expected to make a full recovery. many senior citizens are angry about a new security feature locking them out of their social security accounts. if you do this on-line you have to provide a cell phone number now. it allows them to receive an access code by text every time they try to log on. that means users that don't have a cell phone can't access their accounts. either e-mail, call or visit a local social security office to get help. several pasco county kids are set to start a new school year thanks to special shoppers. in an effort by the fraternal order of police at the pasco county sheriff's office lodge 29. they raised enough money not only to take 100 kids shopping but each child had a budget of $300. >> i have three children and this is really helpful. it helps us out tremendously.
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school district to help find the kids in most need. if you ever had a bike stolen you know it's important to have it registered. the hillsborough county sheriff's office is holding a bike registration event today, at the walmart on nebraska avenue just north of bearss avenue. the event runs from 12:30 until 3:30, all aimed at getting stolen bikes back to their rightful owners. scathing reviews of the new movie "suicide squad" didn't theaters to see it, it made $135 million this weekend. previous recordholder was 2014's hit "guardians of the galaxy." jason bourne was second with $22 million. "bad moms" $14 million. good weekend for heading to the movie theaters. >> it certainly was, or comicon or whatever you were doing inside. saturday mostly dry but the nature coast really hasn't seen
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it's continued to rain there steadily since we last saw you friday. it's going to continue to rain. that is where the flood watches are issued and will continue in effect with the spokes of rain that continue to move in. the heaviest of which really stayed off-shore. we could have been much deeper trouble here if that low had moved a little further east. upwards of 15 to 20 would have in allen by now. it's not -- would have fallen by now. it's not the case and we're not expecting those numbers here that hole is the center of where the low is. on the southern end of it is really where you get the worst of the weather. it gets pumped in on this onshore southwesterly flow continuing with us here. for most of us that have seen the heaviest rain it's where it's going to continue to be heavy and further south, despite the fact we're going to rain not expecting anything significant snrars flooding. but watch on futurecast, we'll continue to see pockets of
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then more light to moderate rainfall. so these will be showers that will continue setting the stage for another murky day. pretty much what we had through the weekend with very little in the way of sunshine, although further south we had breaks but not much today. so flood watch continues through tuesday afternoon. now the area you're seeing across the north, citrus, herchedo, pasco, we've already had upwards of six to eight inches since friday, another half-foot of rainfall could be falling here. it's that combat has already fallen and what is ahead that is going to trigger the potential for flooding which is why we've been following this closely for you here. there you see the low continuing to spin, although the last few images here, by tuesday will begin to weaken, move away and that will set the stage for drying. that means we'll get back into the typical afternoon summer thunderstorms. so not completely dry, we're not in the spring or winter months but you'll notice a trend heading through the middle part of the week as we
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then that will be the case through thursday and friday into next weekend. look at the temperatures. we stay much below normal today. low 80s. middle 80s by tuesday but we won't crack 90 until wednesday and we'll finally get sunshine breaking out and that will keep us warm through the end of the week. another quick check of the roads, 4:48. i-275 and westshore boulevard, traffic moving well through there. janelle has an update at 5:00. we keep getting a break at gas prices dropped 6 cents over the past two weeks. that decline follows a drop in crude oil prices. aaa says the national average for a gallon of regular now just $2.12. florida state average $2. o5. in the bay area, even better at $1.94 a gallon. 4:48. the most decorated olympian of all time now has another olympic medal. michael phelps won his 19th olympic gold in the 4 by 100
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as well. the first preseason game is thursday night. john sable has your morning sports report. love him or hate him, alex rodriguez will go down as one of the greatest who ever played baseball. but at 41 years old and riding the yankees bench the bronx bombers had seen enough. in a press conference yesterday morning a-rod and the yankees announced this friday's game against the rays will be his last in pinstripes. a-rod will then unconditionally released by the yankees after friday's game. will remain with the yankees as a special adviser and instructor through december 31, 2017. yankees still on the hook for salary, they are paying him to go away, $21 million for the season and $21 million owed next year. that's the final of his $275 million deal. a-rod currently sits four home runs shy of 700. there's a slight chance a-
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year. the ray also see him friday night in his final game in the yankees pinstripes. before the rays even thought of that game they had the series finale game against minnesota yesterday afternoon at the trop, then hopped a plane to toronto. boy, the rays are happy to see the twins third baseman in town. he was killing rays pitching all weekend. tattoos, this fastball deep to left center, twins take a 3-1 lead. 5-3 twins in the ninth, he in a hurry. second homer, a no doubter, twins win 6-3. rays take on the jays tonight in toronto. football preseason was supposed to start last night but will have to wait until the bucs and eagles kick off thursday. the hall of fame game last night was cancelled due to poor field conditions. the packers and colts were set to play but crews reportedly used the wrong paint in the
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field -- mid-field rather and the wording in the end zone caused that paint to dry like cement. not good. remember with last night's cancellation the bucs and eagles officially kick off the nfl preseason coming up on thursday at 7:00. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. we have an update now on the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. what investigators now say went wrong. >> a woman driver causes a car crash involving this $300,000 ferrari. how it all happened and the harsh words the owner of the ferrari had for that woman, at
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monday. we continue to see heavy rainfall rolling along the nature coast here. this will continue early over the next few hours. janelle is going to talk about the wet roads that are greeting us. though the major highways not impacted. but along 19 we'll be seeing some, certainly wet conditions through the morning. now beginning to fill in as well across portions of manatee, sarasota getting in on that. as we widen out the shot you can see more of where the heaviest rain came from. we'll talk more about when this flood potential will be with us in the next hour. we're watching for any new flooding around the bay area today. >> this as state officials are warning people along the gulf coast to prepare for plenty of rain. a live report on the morning commute coming up. >> and bay area students are days away from the start of the new school year, this morning we have tips for parents on how to spot the signs of bullying
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new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. t 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! we're talking about rainfall here. still seeing pockets of heavy
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east lake hill. we'll continue to see these heavy bands of rain. we'll talk more about that throughout the broadcast coming up. let's check with janelle, talking about the roads, not seeing too much ponding yet but that will likely change. >> i'll show you the maps that will show you exactly where we're seeing the wet roads. first checking with corey dierdorff, what are you seeing? any rain yet? >> reporter: good morning. we're head now making a lefthand turn off the sun coast expressway headed to state road 54. out towards the rain ivan was speaking about up and down 19. up and down the sun coast from downtown to pasco county everything's looking beautiful out here but we are seeing some of the heavy pockets of rain. we'll check it out and bring you an update as soon as we get there. so far we've checked the bridges, howard frankland bridge looking dry. this is right at north of 4th street before the howard


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